1. How do I create my Twin?

You create and maintain your Twin in your “Twin Domain”. A Twin Domain is opened when a TwinPeek Contract has been generated. There are two ways to generate the Contract:

  • You generate a Contract yourself. You enroll and select an identity provider and partner of your choice e.g. your bank. In this case, a Know Your Customer (KYC) TwinPeek Contract is generated. This Contract provides the full offering, including the means of payment for your Twin(s) to do online transactions.
  • A Contract is generated for you. An e-commerce web site you trust becomes a TwinPeek B2B client upon your request. This guarantees the client that the personal data handling involved in the transaction will be compliant with the European regulation on personal data due to come into effect in May 2018 (General Data Protection Regulation, ‘GDPR’). In this case, a non-KYC Contract would be opened for you. As a customer and partner of the e-commerce site, you would be asked to accept or decline specific features such as the right to be forgotten, or the refusal to transfer your data (as specified in the GDPR). Until your Contract is KYC compliant, your Twins will not be able to make financial transactions. You may choose to make your contract KYC compliant at any time. Until you exercise your right to be forgotten your contract will remain active between the e-commerce site and Twinpeek.
2. How does TwinPeek make my Twin anonymous?

Your Twin is made anonymous by assigning two data domains to your Contract:

User domain: this is where all the data related to your identity is kept. TwinPeek does not have access to this domain. Access is restricted to you and your ID partner (see Question ‘How Do I Create My Twin’ for information on partners). If your partner is an e-commerce site and your Contract non-KYC, the Contract will be cancelled if you exercise your right to be forgotten i.e. it will only exist for a single operation.If you don’t exercise the right to be forgotten, the contract remains active between the site and TwinPeek. The “user domain” contains whatever personal data the site has on the user already (email, physical address…). The “twin domain” would contain activities (purchasing history for instance).

Twin domain:

TwinPeek operates this fully encrypted domain encrypted. Only you can decrypt the information to view or share it. You can easily decrypt the information on the fly when you need to. TwinPeek will have no access to the encrypted data.
When you decide to share your twin’s data, the decryption would be made on the fly (on their smartphone for instance) and the stream of decrypted data would be made available to identified partners, including TwinPeek. So the decryption mechanism is solely in the hand of the customer.
Only you, the Contract owner have access to both domains. Your identity provider (i.e. bank) does not have access to the Twin domain. TwinPeek does not have access to the User domain. You remain the sole owner of your data and the only person who can make the association of the data with yourself. Permission to share your Twin data lies with you, the Contract owner.

3. If my Twin is associated with my real identity how can it be anonymous?

Your Twin can transact on your behalf in your digital life so, in the case of official investigation or litigation, Twin transactions must be traceable to a real identity. In such a case, TwinPeek may communicate to the authorities the Contract number under which the Twin operates. The Contract number is associated with an identity provider so the authorities may then contact the identity provider to obtain the details of the person associated with the Contract. This double-blind scheme is our way to provide anonymous yet liable Twins.

4. What technology does Twinpeek use to make the Twin anonymous and secure?

Twinpeek uses a number of different technologies. We specifically use blockchain technology for privacy and security. The blockchain generates and executes the Smart Contract that anonymously binds TwinPeek, the individual, the Twins and the identity provider. The Smart Contract essentially describes the do’s and don’ts for each party. The Smart Contract controls the privileges of the User and Twin domains. Due to the nature of the personal data involved, we chose the blockchain Smart Contract which is considered the most long-term, secure technology solution in existence. For an overview of all the technology building blocks see What? link to website page? or a existing graphic to come?

5. Is it possible for my Twin to contain data from personal biological samples such as saliva and DNA, enhanced by environmental measurements such as air quality and lifestyle factors like my physical activity and diet?

We can easily imagine the following scenario whereby you have a TwinPeek Contract #125 KYC labelled by your bank. In your Contract #125 you have created a number of Twins; a Health Twin #28, a Professional Twin #33 and a Physical Activity Twin #28.
All your health records are associated with Twin #28 and encrypted in the Twin domain. Only you can decrypt the data. The same holds for Twin #33 and Twin #28. Using TwinPeek DataVisualizer (or TwinPeek DataEstimator) you may check the worth of your twins’ data based on their activities.

6. Is my Twin liable for its activity?

Legal responsibility for the safeguard of your data lies with TwinPeek. Twin activity must be traceable to a real identity in the case of official investigation or litigation. Upon request, TwinPeek may communicate to the authorities the Contract number under which the Twin operates. The Contract number is associated with an identity provider so the authorities may then contact the identity provider to obtain the details of the person associated with the Contract.

7. How does my Twin take part in the data marketplace?

As the owner of a Twin, you can monetize the value of your digital assets. The richer the data the more valuable it becomes on the market. Advertisers and marketers pay more for actions that are highly personalized based on personal data.
To give an example of how this would work, imagine you have all your Health records associated with Twin #28 and all your Physical Activity with Twin #38. You decide to monetize part of your Health and Physical Activity data which reside within a mix of your Twin #28 and Twin #38 records. To do so, you would query and receive, in your TwinPeek client application, the stream of encrypted data that matches your query (health and sport attributes from Twins #28 and #38).
You would decrypt the data locally on the secure client side and, using our T-Shaped wizard, you would select and share the information chosen. You can easily adjust the granularity of the data you wish to share i.e. instead of sharing your age and/or date of birth, you may decide to share the age range you fall within.
The selected, filtered data is encrypted on the client side and sent to the intended recipient along with the means to decode it. TwinPeek operates the transactions but does not have access to the data. The sale will be credited or charged via the payment methods you or your bank have assigned to your TwinPeek Contract.
The Twinpeek solution is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), guaranteeing the quality of privacy and data processing.

1. How does the buyer know the quality of the data is worth the price?

TwinPeek will build a score for your Twin data based on the quality and quantity of the data the Twin shares. For instance, if your Physical Activity Twin #38 (See Question X) shares its running activities most of the time, then the data quality index score goes up. Conversely, if the running activities are updated only a few times a year, the quality index score remains low. This scoring is used to communicate the quality of the data to third parties interested in purchasing it.

2. Where is the data stored?

The data is encrypted and stored in multiple databases. Only the Contract owner can decrypt it. Several encryption methods are used including standard public key encryption.

3. What's a TwinPeek T-Shaped Wizard?

‘TwinPeek T-Shaped Wizard’ is our product name for the feature that lets you adjust the granularity, time span and quantity of data you want to share with a recipient at a specific point in time for a specific purpose.

4. Why would I want to have a Twin?

Most personal data is gathered, shared and sold without the knowledge or consent of the data owners. A small portion of the population is beginning to react against this model. They want to regain control of their data, protect it and/or sell it themselves. We believe the forthcoming European Union regulation on the personal data of all European citizens (GDPR) will encourage and empower a much greater number of people to build their digital assets to protect and/or monetize them. It comes into effect in May 2018.

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TwinPeek website has no tracking scripts

TwinPeek’s mission is to provide solutions for everyone to protect their privacy and their personal data. As such, TwinPeek’s website does not collect any information like your navigation history, your location or any other personal data for that matter. Your anonymity is guaranteed in order to provide the true freedom of surfing the Web.